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NHIH is a Christian non-profit medical system that strives to provide high quality healthcare to the people of Tanzania, East Africa with the goal of local self-sustainability.


… Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” – Matthew 25:40

The dispensary is a desperately needed facility that will meet the healthcare needs of the residents of Sakila and the surrounding villages six days per week.

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The support for critical supplies for daily healthcare needs are glucometers and strips that can be purchased in Tanzania, wall mounted blood pressure cuffs, dressing change supplies, and lab testing equipment and supplies


The external building is completed and beautiful. There are still many needs for the infrastructure such as non-wooden doors (due to termites), cabinets, insect control, electrical, and consistent running water.


The clinic is staffed with a fully functioning Tanzanian medical team. Investment in salaries and professional development is a crucial element to the success of the clinic moving forward, which are still supported by USA funds.


Meeting immediate and long term medical patient care with medications is an ongoing area of need. Medications are ordered monthly at local pharmacies, but are frequently depleted by the end of each month.


Prevention of disease and illness can be greatly influenced through patient/community education. There is a need for resources to develop education and appropriate delivery methods for women’s health, good hygiene, nutrition, malaria, HIV prevention, etc.

What We Do

In 2016, the dispensary became fully staffed by a Tanzanian healthcare team.

A once three room clinic has grown to a new established clinic

In the past, medical care has been provided by infrequent short-term USA visiting medical teams. While this is been very helpful, it has not provided a long-term solution.

Supported heavily by USA mission funding, the dispensary is fully staffed with a Tanzanian Physician, a Registered Nurse Midwife, several Medical Assistants, PharmacyTechnician and Laboratory Technician.  This has advanced healthcare greatly, but the average life expectancy for people in Tanzania is 56 years, and only 40% of people in rural Tanzania have access to clean drinking water. HIV, diarrhea, road injuries, tuberculosis, and malaria are some of the most common causes of death. (http:/www.cdc.gov/globalhealth/countries/Tanzania/ ).

A goal of NHIH is self-sufficiency of the dispensary. A fee-for-service has begun, but is not adequate for sustainability at this time.

Our History:

New Hope International Hospital (NHIH) is a Christian organization that began in 1990 with the idea of converting a building into a small, rural medical clinic. Medical teams from the United States came periodically to serve villagers regardless of age, nationality, disability, gender or religion. Through the vision, efforts and financial support of dedicated men and women over the past decades, what once was a small clinic has grown to include a large new building fully staffed by a Tanzanian medical team. A fee for service has been established but is not enough for self sustainability. Through the collaborative efforts of the NHIH Board of Directors, visiting medical teams, and donations, the goal of self sustainability is possible.

We also provide glasses…

By collecting thousands of pairs of reading glasses throughout the year, we are able to help hundreds of people see better.
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